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We are proud to present an assortment of different services to assist you with all of your P.C. needs.
We are able to provide diagnostics for free and to assist on site and off with remote services.


P.C. Repair

+ Diagnostic on and off site -Free
+ Laptop And Desktop Hardware Repair 74.99/hr + Parts (Mac/Apple) 89.99/hr
+ Software Install 49.99
+ Virus Removal and Computer Protection- 59.99
+ Os Install- 59.99
+ Data Transfer- 59.99
+ Computer cleanup 39.99
+ Windows Training- 29.99
+ Device Training- 39.99/hr
+ Mac Diag is free


Please stay tuned for upcoming webinar dates and schedules for in depth training courses. 

We are able to repair gaming consoles and replace parts the diagnostics is free and we will do our very best every time.


Gaming Consoles

+ Fan and Internal cleaning- 49.99
+ DVD Laser repair- 49.99+ Parts
+ Hard Drive Replacement- 59.99+ Parts
+ Motherboard Replacement- 59.99+ Parts
+ Diagnostics- Free

We offer limited repair on televisions



+ Board Replacement is serviced at Flat Rate- 74.99
+ We do not repair screens

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